Programs available at MSU for Individuals with Disabilities

Michigan Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (MI-LEND) Program

The Michigan Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities program (MI-LEND) — Interdisciplinary training program is offering a specialized certificate program to prepare
future leaders who will serve children with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities (with a focus on autism) and their families. The MI-LEND Program provides long-term, graduate level interdisciplinary training designed to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals with disabilities. This goal is accomplished by preparing graduate and post-graduate level trainees from diverse professional disciplines to assume leadership roles in their respective fields, and by ensuring high levels of interdisciplinary clinical competence.

4-H Youth Mentoring Program

The 4-H Youth Mentoring Program offered through MSU Extension is a formal mentoring program matches young people, including individuals with disability, with a trained, caring mentor who provides friendship, support and role model to help them navigate life and make healthy life choices. MSU Extension’s structured mentoring relationships occur in both one-on-one, peer and group mentoring scenarios and are supported by professional mentoring curriculums.

Sports Skills Program for Persons with Disabilities

The Sports Skills Program for Persons with Disabilities is developed and offered through MSU’s Department of Kinesiology. In the program, MSU undergraduate students provide coaching and instruction in sports skills to children and adults with disabilities who reside in the greater Lansing area to help them improve their sports skills, physical health and well-being.

MSU Community Music School

The MSU Community Music School provides opportunities for music education and music therapy to children and adults with disabilities. Through music, the program hopes to bring joy, new friendships, and help individuals with disabilities develop motor, verbal, communication and social skills through music.

Mutual Mentorship Program

The Mutual Mentorship Program is a program within MSU Spartan Spectrum that allows MSU students to connect with the disability community in a meaningful way. The program currently pair MSU students with individuals with autism from the greater Lansing area community and may expand to other disability type in the future.